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Fund look-through – Currency hedging

Dec 8, 2020 12:46:18 PM / by Andrew Sweetmore posted in Solvency II reporting, FOREX Hedging, Fund look-through, Currency Hedging, FX Hedging, Currency Risk


Many investment funds are currency hedged. This is where the foreign exchange risk is eliminated or “hedged” by derivatives in the investment portfolio. In the Solvency II framework, a fully currency hedged fund can reduce currency risk by up to 25% of the funds market value. However, because of market fluctuations these funds will not always be completely currency hedged. That’s why you should calculate currency risk on all underlying instruments when stress testing the fund content as part of the solvency capital requirement (SCR). Hedging instruments will offset the risk on other investments reducing overall currency risk. Note that the risk-mitigating effect of hedging instruments may also have a significant impact on counterparty risk.

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