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EIOPA and ECB reporting increases the regulatory burden on pension schemes significantly. Effective system solutions are essential to avoid what can be an extremely time-consuming exercise. Identifying and solving data quality issues at an early stage helps prevent problems later. That’s where we come in…

Escali Supervision - EIOPA and ECB reporting made easy

Escali Supervision is a reporting program used by pension schemes for EIOPA and ECB reporting. It has full support for all quarterly and annual reports required by the regulators.
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XBRL converter

Reports must be produced in the XBRL format. Escali Supervision has a built-in tool for easily converting files to XBRL for submission. Reports are also produced in Excel for business use.
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EIOPA reporting

EIOPA XBRL taxonomy and validations

A comprehensive validation according to EIOPA's validation rules is also performed when producing the XBRL file. These validations required data from different sources to be consistent with a high degree of accuracy.
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Integrations with existing systems

Escali Supervision can integrate with, for example the accounting and portfolio systems to make data gathering simple. Using the same data source for both accounting and EIOPA reports simplifies reconciliation and ensures consistency between the different reports.
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Fund look-through

Escali Financials helps you gather and structure fund look through data whilst Escali Supervision produces the reports required.
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