Efficient portfolio management with Escali Financials


Escali Financials helps you manage investment portfolios in a simple and efficient way, reducing time spent on portfolio administration. The system is compliant with international requirements for investment management by pension funds and insurance companies.

Comprehensive reports are included for management reporting. These have advanced visual elements and full drill-down features. Detailed information can be extracted to meet requests for information from your auditor or Financial Services Authority. Underlying data and audit trail information give you transparency and control.


Efficient trade and market data registration

Trades in all types of financial instrument are registered with ease. Market rates and key security data can be imported automatically.

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Simple, dynamic reports with great visual elements

The system includes many standard reports in addition to dynamic and interactive reports/dashboards. These reports can be easily adapted by the user. Stakeholders (such as board members) can be given read-only access and log in via a browser to view the reports.


Customised for European reporting requirements (Solvency II, EIOPA and ECB)

Escali Financials is tailored for Pension Schemes and Insurance companies. It makes the registration of data for EIOPA and ECB reporting simple. 

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Escali integrates with the accounting system

Escali Financials integrates with the accounting system to ensure efficicient transfer of investment data for accounting purposes.

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Performance analysis

Investment returns, benchmarks and attribution analysis as well as risk measures can all be calculated in the system.

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Investment strategy monitoring

Our risk management tool monitors and reports the degree to which allocation and other requirements are met compared to the business strategy. Groupings based on asset class, region, rating etc can be easily defined, and can be given a strategic weight, maximum and minimum limits, as well as associated benchmarks.

Stress testing for SCR calculations is straightforward

Market risk and counterparty risk for stress test and SCR purposes is calculated using a full fund look through approach.

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A cloud solution gives flexibility to grant access to others

Escali's solutions are delivered as a cloud service, so the users log on via a web browser. Advisors, consultants, auditors, actuaries, etc can also be granted access and assigned roles so that everyone works in the same system. This can give a highly efficient workflow, preventing duplication and sub-optimisation.