Solvency II reporting made easy

Escali Supervision is a reporting program used by insurance companies for Solvency II reporting. It has full support for all quarterly and annual reports required by the regulators.
Large amounts of data need to be reported accurately. Comprehensive validation rules place great demands on both content and format. With the help of Escali Supervision, you can easily gather data from multiple sources, ensuring the necessary information is in place for submission to the regulators.
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  • Gather data
  • Validate data
  • Reconcile data from different sources
  • Full audit trail
  • Produce reports in Excel
  • Convert to XBRL
  • Integrated with portfolio system
  • Other integrations possible
  • Simple, intuitive solution
  • Always up-to-date with latest taxonomy from EIOPA
  • Supports ECB add-ons
  • Cloud based system, easy to connect multiple users

Integration with existing systems

Escali Supervision can integrate with accounting and portfolio systems to make data gathering simple. Using the same data source for both accounting and Solvency II reports simplifies reconciliation and ensures consistency between the different reports.

Simple Data collection

As well as the possibility for integration with existing systems the system also accepts manually recorded data together with clip and paste functionality from Excel files etc.
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Fund look through

The regulations require investements in funds to reported based on asset category, country and currency. In practise this often means that full fund look through data with many thousand individual investements needs to be analysed. Escali Financial helps you gather and structure this data whilst Escali Supervision produces the reports automatically from the detailed fund data.

Workflow and role distribution

Due to the large amount of data, EIOPA reporting can be demanding. Supervision therefore helps you gain control over the process. The system maintains control over which data is imported, controlled and approved. By assigning responsibilities for the various tasks, as well as deadlines for data collection / approval, you can always have control over the progression and reporting deadline.


All data imported or registered in Escali Supervision is validated. At each step in the reporting process we perform checks and notify the user of any issues. Initial validation when importing or registering data and a reconciliation between accounts and investments is performed. A comprehensive validation according to EIOPA's validation rules is also performed when producing the XBRL file. This way, you can rest assured that the report submitted meets all data requirements.


Escali have extensive experience in reporting for insurance companies. By using our systems, you also gain access to our in-depth knowledge of what it takes to deliver a fully compliant report. We understand the data and we understand the data requirements.
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